Every employee at Platospec is now a GBCSA Accredited Professional. We aim to reduce construction impacts on the environment by following the correct procedures, implementing innovative concepts, whilst still maintaining the best quality of work.

Community involvement & Development

Corporate social responsibility enables companies to integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and interactions with all stakeholders on a voluntary basis. One of Platospec’s key values is that we work to build a vibrant and brighter future for all. We embrace the philosophy of giving back to the community by encouraging proactive involvement by contributing through our social responsibilities and sustainable approach to our projects, through our input on sustainable infrastructure in the community, as well as by imparting skills and knowledge to the communities with which we work.

Fair Operating Practices

We ensure anti-corruption by identifying any risk of corruption and implement policies to avoid it. Responsible political involvement: We educate our employees about responsible political involvement. We are transparent about lobbying, political contributions and political involvement. We comply with competition laws and regulations, and do not take advantage of social conditions (such as poverty) to achieve competitive advantages. Platospec endeavors to Integrate ethical, social, and environmental and gender equality criteria in purchasing, distribution and contracting practices. We actively promote adequate purchasing practices like paying fair prices, adequate delivery times and stable contracts throughout the value chain. We promote respect for property rights and traditional knowledge, ensuring our business has the right to develop and use property.

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“Our association with Platospec in general and Godfrey Place, in particular, goes a number of decades. During this time we have worked on a number of successful projects of which Tswane House in Pretoria is most notable. Platospec led a diverse group of professionals through this very challenging PPP project. Godfrey needed all of his considerable knowledge to navigate and delicately handle the requirements from a very demanding client and their various advisers. The project was a huge success for which Platospec must take a lot of credit.”

Michael Harrison
Co-Founder, Headinteriors

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